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Merrell Karan
Area Coordinator

“Once a Pathfinder always a pathfinder !” Since high school back in Philipines he served faithfully the young people of our Church. 

Elder Makho
Area Coordinator

Elder Makho served for over 40 years the pathfinders and adventurers from different continents proving one more time that the grace and power of the Lord have no limitations. 

Bogdan Stan
Irish Mission Sponsor

“Since I started to serve our Adventurers and Pathfinders, every experience I have shows me once more that the God we serve is an amazing God!”

Ilona Stan
Area Coordinator

“Adventurers are our future Pathfinders, and they need our attention and care because if they understand that God can do amazing things trough them, they will be great leaders in His hands when God will call them”

Wanted - Area Coordinator for the Northern Ireland
Volunteer Area Coordinator

If you have the Pathfinders and Adventurers work in your heart and you are a baptized member of the 7th Day Adventist Church and you are willing to help us bring the “Adventist Message to all the world in my generation” please contact us so we can work together in the vineyard of our Lord.