The next International CYE Camporee will take place in Oshkosh in summer 2019, from 12-17 August.  

Registration is already open book your tickets here.

More information provided by CYE for International Guests.

Theme song competition! You could win two free entry tickets to the camporee.  Enter here before 1 January 2019.

Past Camporee videos are now available here.

Camporee activities and special events.

Camporee FAQs

Camporee ‘CAN’s and ‘CAN’T’s:

  • CAN – Pitch tents without worrying about rocks or hills – the grounds are all flat!
  • CAN’T – Dig holes or trenches in your area. As good Pathfinders, we want to leave our space better than how we found it.
  • CAN – Bring Coleman-like stoves. Remember, safety first! Have a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • CAN’T –  Fly drones.
  • CAN – Empty RV’s and campsites of waste in appropriate rubbish sites and skips, respectively.
  • CAN’T – Bring pets. We love your furry friends as much as you do but want to make CHOSEN as people friendly as possible.
  • CAN – Bring your car and find parking! There are multiple parking lots available, as well as special locations for large vehicles, like buses.
  • CAN’T – Drive your car in the grounds after August 13, 2019.

Download the FFIC Camporee App for free:
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